April 29, 2020

Moral Fatigue

Ever hear of moral fatigue? Well, it's a thing and it's happening right now! From the moment we wake up and take on our day, we are making decisions - mostly on autopilot. A large percentage of our daily tasks and routines are done with minimal thought, and are based more on behaviors and cues! But when your day-to-day as you've known it suddenly gets turned upside down, making even the simplest of decisions can feel overwhelming. And now our choices can have an impact on others, so we have to consider them extra carefully.

For example, grocery shopping has taken on a whole new meaning. What day of the week should you go? What time of day will there be fewer people out? What do you "really need?" Is it worth the trip? Mask or no mask? Should you wear gloves? Will there be any toilet paper? It used to be such a simple task but now it’s simply exhausting. We feel it, too!

Your morally magical M Squared hosts weigh in on this interesting topic and share creative ways to combat the overwhelm!  

The Rolling Stone article: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/corona-exhausted-moral-fatigue-974311/

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