January 29, 2020

Resilience with Alicia Mattera

During this episode, Womanpreneurs Alicia Materra, Amanda McCune and Melissa Moats chat it up on the subject of resilience! It takes a lot of courage, preparation and can-do spirit to open and launch a business. It's such an outpouring of time and energy! So, what happens if you set out to conquer the world then suddenly have a change of heart? We are allowed to change our minds! Alicia shares her womanpreneurial journey - from opening her first hair salon from the ground up, to selling her business when it no longer felt right, to opening a baby clothing boutique... to going back to school at age forty to follow her deepest passion, serving mothers, families and babies! Did we mention Alicia made her tough business decisions all while her newborn baby arrived early at 24 weeks weighing in at 1 pound? Yeah. Resilience. If you look closely the next time you open your dictionary, you just might find Alicia's name after its definition. Find out how this busy Mom of four does it all. Because it can, in fact, be done! 

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